Our Story – Part 1

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places, and that is certainly true in our case.

It was June of 2012. I was stuck in an abusive relationship. Over the years I had often tried to escape my life through fantasy. But on this particular occassion I discovered a very active online community discussing events in the news. I quickly found many people I could relate to and enjoyed these new friendships very much.

I remember the very first time we spoke publicly. Teddy created a post on a topic that interested me, I responded. (I later found out he wrote the post hoping that I would respond.) Right off the bat he seemed like a highly intelligent individual. I wasn’t looking for love and I had no thoughts at that time that anything would develop between us.

A few weeks later, on a Saturday night, things were quiet in the online community. I saw that Teddy was one of my few contacts online so I messaged him to chat. He was busy and we didn’t end up chatting that night.

Another few weeks passed and we interacted publicly, but had not even really developed a friendship like I had with some of the female contacts I’d met. Then one day Teddy messaged me that he had to tell me something. He was messaging me to warn me about about a particular individual in the community, someone who was pretending to be something they’re not. I thanked him for telling me and thought “He’s a good guy for warning me like that when he doesn’t even know me.”

Over the next week or so we spent a lot of time chatting. He made me laugh a lot, mostly with jokes about my native country. At first our chats revolved around topics of interest, but soon we began to share personal details of our lives. I had been told for so long that there are details of my life that, if I shared them, would cause people to reject me. I had nothing to lose and something urged me to pour out all the details of my history to this stranger online. Unexpectedly, Teddy did not reject me. He was kind and compassionate. I decided it would be ok to share a photo of myself with him. I started to develop feelings for him, but still didn’t think much of it at this point.

It was the end of July and finally one day after chatting all day, I asked him if he would call me. I wanted to put a voice to this person I had spent so much time talking to online. After that first phone call, we talked every night that weekend. He made me smile and laugh even more on the phone than he did online. We were in love by the end of that first weekend. We both knew it seemed so fast to be having these feelings, so we didn’t tell each other in so many words, but we both knew. ♥

To be continued…

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